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Quality, safety and the environment are at the heart of our approach to implementing a responsible management system.

Our quality commitments

In order to support our customers on increasingly demanding markets, LIS by Lesaffre has long acquired the know-how and responsiveness necessary to manage the complexity of the various certifications required on its 2 production sites.

Our customers can hence rely on our wide range of certifications to fulfill their quality requirements on the dry ingredients market :

  • FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) *
  • ISO 50001 (Energy) *
  • FSMA (US Market) – LIS Polska
  • IPEC (excipient)

* Documents downloadable below.

We also provide BABY FOOD zoning and environmental monitoring of equipment used for drying ingredients dedicated to this market.

LIS France and LIS Poland are also equipped with state-of-the-art quality control laboratories, for physicochemical and bacteriological analysis.

Our Safety commitments

The health and safety of our people translated into our policy "Safety First" is at the heart of our concerns.

Safety First has become the basis of our operational excellence allowing us to ensure a high level of service quality without compromising our team’s safety.

Our Environmental Commitments

To address the environmental challenges of our time, we have voluntarily implemented policies involving all our employees. This commitment is reflected in the ISO 50001 certification and the start of a new biomass boiler in 2024. This 85% decarbonization of our drying activity also benefits all our customers who are committed to a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) and have environmental imperatives to respect.

LIS by Lesaffre is thus actively taking part in the Lesaffre group’s mission “To undertake together to better feed and protect the planet.” which guides our CSR commitments.

Backed by this policy, we have also developed a real know-how in the management of sensitive and hazardous materials entrusted to us by our customers, in order to handle them in compliance the most stringent standards and good practices.

Every day, we take concrete actions to protect our environment:

  • Efficient air & water purification processes (air and water),
  • Preliminary environmental assessment before drying any new product.
  • Optimized and responsible use of energy and water.
  • Reasonable use of energy and water.
  • Reduction of our water consumption

Our certifications


We invite you to consult our certifications, which reflect our respect for the high standards of our industry.

These certifications are the fruit of our constant commitment to providing quality products and services, following responsible and sustainable practices.

The bellow certifications thus highlight our approach to continuous improvement which ensures our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction.