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Process & innovation

We propose spray-drying with possibility of micro-encapsulation, electrostatic spray-drying and vacuum drying.

Benefit from a comprehensive approach

of co-development to overcome your challenges
of formulation, liquid processes, dryability and powder characterization.


Temperature sensitivity

Liquid and powder rheology


Powder observation
(including sem)




Choice of functional ingredients, stability of active ingredients, microencapsulation, clean labeling, etc.


Encapsulation, level of active ingredients or functional ingredients, emulsification, dryability, thermo-sensitivity, etc.

Powder characterization

Stability, moisture recovery, flowability, choice of packaging, etc.

Lab-scale co-development study

Our Powder Studio™ offers a set of laboratory-scale decision-support tools to address all your powder product issues.

  • Reliable protocols and a tailored approach to meet your specific needs.
  • Selection of the best action plan to meet all your requirements.
  • Detailed report providing decision support to finalize your development.
  • Agrément CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche)
  • Liquid processing: mixing, emulsification, microencapsulation, high pressure homogenization, liquid granulometry, rheology, etc.
  • Evaluation of the impact of the formulation, parameters and/or technology on the dryability of your product.
  • Powder characterizations related to your specifications and final applications: particle size, density, dispersibility, flowability, compressibility, surface oils, encapsulation efficiency etc.
  • Improvement of the stability of an emulsion by formulation and emulsification processes.
  • Comparative drying study on a range of heat-sensitive syrups and fibers.
  • Microencapsulation of essential oils and oleoresins.
  • Cost reduction through formulation optimization.
  • Alternative carrier selection for the development of a Clean Label formulation.
  • Evaluation of powder stability over time in a humidity-controlled oven.
  • Reduction of the friability of a mineral powder.

Industrialization at LIS by Lesaffre



••• Electrostatic spray-drying
under nitrogen with POLARDRY™

Electrostatic spraying

Strong reduction of surface oil for emulsion drying.

Solvant évaporé

Low temperature drying under nitrogen

Agglomération en une étape


LIS by Lesaffre is expanding its range of gentle & protective drying services with FluidAir’s PolarDry® technology, now available in Europe at an industrial scale..

This disruptive technology is particularly suitable for products requiring advanced microencapsulation, such as aromatic molecules, colors or essential oils.

It is also a technical and economical alternative to freeze-drying, as it allows low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive products such as live microorganisms, probiotics and certain proteins.

A laboratory scale pilot is also available at the Powder Studio™, a co-development laboratory located in Rennes. Electrostatic spraying under nitrogen causes a restructuring of the droplet components allowing:

  • Excellent microencapsulation with fewer active ingredients on the surface.
  • Drying at lower temperatures.
  • Protection against oxidation of active ingredients during drying.
  • One-step micro granulation and functionalization of the powder.

••• Spraying
high viscosity and pOrosification

Come test the only EPT™ pilot available in Europe, resulting from a partnership with Clextral.

EPT™ allows spray drying of semi-pasty products which are non-sprayable with standard technologies available on the market.

The high concentration of dry matter of the product as well as the injection of a gas to form a foam before the spray, allow for the optimization of the drying stage (time and temperature).

In addition, this patented technology produces a highly porous powder, thus improving properties such as flowability, rehydration, dispersibility, etc.

Passing through the extruder also optimizes inline additions of sensitive components.

EPT™ is a patented technology that enables:

  • Spraying of high viscosity products
  • Drying of high concentration products
  • Obtaining particularly porous powder particles thus improving their flowability and rehydration.
  • Powder functionalization for various applications

••• flowfocusing®
encapsulation and capsule 2.0

Come test this innovative technology at the Powder Studio™ and benefit from our expertise and facilities on a laboratory and pilot scale.

FlowFocusing® patented technology allows the formation and gentle drying of custom-made capsules for your sensitive components.

Benefits of FlowFocusing® technology include:

  • Particles of similar size (mono-disperse and dust-free) thanks to an innovative spray nozzle.
  • Enhanced microencapsulation with “Core-Shell” capsules formation
  • Very low drying temperatures thanks to a laminar flow process.